Prototyping scale models

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The quality is in the details

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At AT Models we have made a large number of vehicle scale models.
Next we show a little selection.

At 400

It’s a 1/20 scale model of a train designed by AT Models team. Features a detailed bogies and exteriors and a LED display with a customizable message.

Dubai Bus Expo 2020

It’s a 1/20 scale model of a concept design bus, designed by Magna Design, for Dubai 2020 International Expo.
Features a mechanism to show the interiors. It also has an interior ambient light, adjustable by WI-FI, and exterior lights with white and red LED’s.

Talgo F070

It’s a 1/20 scale model designed by Magma Design for the manufacturer Talgo. Features realistic interiors and exteriors. The scale model is contextualized in a swath with passengers.


We always give the option to improve the aesthetics of the model by adding LED headlights and rear lights, by lightning the interiors, by adding customizable displays.
The latest option we offer is to add WI-FI connection in order to change, in real time, the colors of the interior ambient lights, the light intensity and the message displayed in the destination indicators.